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Automate Testing to secure quality and increase efficiency?

IT infrastructure, Cloud and mobile Apps are the core of a corporation’s internal operation and the interface to its customers. Ensuring the systems are operating correctly requires constant testing, possibly with test cases in the thousands. Dilemma the IT managers face is, automate testing or test selectively and manually?

The logical choice – “Definitely Automate”. It would help enhance the customer experience, and eliminate errors such as in booking an appointment or a payment being completed. All detrimental to the well-being of a business.

Hmmm! “Why doesn’t every company adopt Automated testing!”

As development evolved from waterfall, Agile and others, the timeline to manually create and maintain test cases has decreased significantly. Instead of increasing the number of hard to find experienced testers to keep up with the development, is it practical to have a smaller pool of test engineers developing test automation scripts? The answer lies in automatic test generation tools. There are a few tried and tested tools that have gained traction. Adoption and use of these tools keeps testing in step with development for release readiness. Test generation tools facilitate the creation of test automation test suites that make test automation a reality.

How difficult is the adoption of such tools?

The tools have evolved to become very user friendly and the adoption of these by qualified engineers is relatively quick. Reach out to companies that focus on enabling these tools in your organization, instead of opting for out-sourced labor. This step will increase customer satisfaction, secure quality in both products and infra-structure!

Anna Anthony
12 March, 2021